Statement Accessories

Loopy Fruppy accessories are made such that they can either add a little sparkle to your outfit and be conversational pieces <3

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What Loopy Fruppy stands for

Loopy Fruppy is for everyone. We love being part of your journey of self expression and seeing our customers being comfortable with their styles and being a little loopy with it.

  • Handmade

    All items are handmade by me in my little home studio! The process usually involves designing, cutting, painting details, then finally assembling everything together

  • Small Batches

    Products are made in small batches. This is to ensure that they are as fresh as can be, and so that we reduce waste

  • Easy Maintenance

    Everything is made such that there is no upkeep. Accessories are all assembled with stainless steel materials, meaning they will not tarnish